Herbal Tea & Essential Oils

  • Te Tila/Tea Linden TADIN_Box_Caja Te Tila/Tea Linden TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Linden Tea/ Té de Lila x 24

    Uses: Like a soft lullaby, the magical experience of tasting Tila TADIN tea fills our lives with serenity and peace of mind. Each day is a test of balance between fulfilling responsibilities and trying to find “me time”, creating an unwanted...
  • Te Limon y Jengibre/Tea Lemon Ginger TADIN_Box_Caja Te Limon y Jengibre/Tea Lemon Ginger TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Lemon Ginger Tea/ Te Limon y Jengibre X 24

    Uses: We add the well-known, invigorating root we all love, ginger, to a powerful list of flavorful ingredients. The spicy ginger along with the refreshing lemongrass and lemon peel create a caffeine-free mix that will help you have more zing and energy...
  • Te Limon/Tea Lemon TADIN_Box_Caja Te Limon/Tea Lemon TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Lemon Tea / Te Limon X 24

    Uses: TADIN Lemon Tea recharges your batteries so you can return to that energetic version of yourself. You can count on this magnificent assistant to walk you through the day giving you, time and again, the ability to carry out your tasks with vigor and...
  • Te Canelita/Tea Cinnamon Blend TADIN_Box_Caja Te Canelita/Tea Cinnamon Blend TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Cinnamon Blend Tea /Te Canelita x 24

    Uses: Pamper your mind with the legendary wisdom of Canelita® TADIN. The unquestionable versatility that cinnamon possesses make it a very popular choice for those who enjoy the challenge of expanding the possibilities of their mental abilities. A...
  • Broncolin Tea - 25 bags_Box_Caja Broncolin Tea - 25 bags_Bag_Bolsa

    Broncolin- Tea / Te x 25 bags

    Uses: Broncolin tea is ideal as it has natural anti-inflammatory properties, relieves flu and cold symptoms. This relaxing Broncolin product has a pleasant odor and is often used in medicine for its therapeutic properties. Broncolin Tea 1.32 Oz...
  • Te de Menta - Peppermint Tea TADIN_Box_Caja Te de Menta - Peppermint Tea TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Peppermint Tea /Te de Menta x 24

    Uses:  Poor digestion, nausea, or vomiting. High cholesterol. Headache. Menstrual cramps. Nasal or lung congestion, mainly in cases of flu or cold with cough. Abdominal pain, due to having antispasmodic action. Insomnia. Ingredients: Mint. For a...
  • Te de Jengibre - Ginger Tea TADIN_Box_Caja Te de Jengibre - Ginger Tea TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tadin- Ginger Tea Blend / Te de Jengibre x 24

    Uses: A masterful combination of ginger root, orange peel, lemon tea, and licorice provides an invigorating cup of tea. Perfect for those days when you crave a little extra warm and lush flavor.   Helps treat nausea. Protects against stomach...
  • Te de Damiana - Damiana Tea TADIN_Box_Caja Te de Damiana - Damiana Tea TADIN_Bags_Bolsas

    Tadin- Damiana Tea / Te de Damiana x 24

    Uses: Like the seductive anticipation of a new lover's first kiss, damiana leaf is mesmerizing. Passionate, generous, captivating ... what else can be said about this exotic herb? EXITING! TADIN Damiana tea is our version of Cupid, the son of the goddess...
  • Tadin- Chamomile Tea / Te de Manzanilla X 24 Tadin- Chamomile Tea / Te de Manzanilla X 24

    Tadin- Chamomile Tea / Te de Manzanilla X 24

    Uses: Cultivated around the world, chamomile is recognized for its powerful and delicious digestive properties. This calming herb is traditionally used to relieve stomach discomfort, gas, indigestion, and dizziness, it also serves to relax the muscles,...
  • Tea Boldo TADIN - 24 bags_ Tea Boldo TADIN - 24 bags_

    Tadin- Boldo Tea / Té de Boldo x 24

    Uses: Everyone deserves to be a live portrait of health. And having smart lifestyle choices at your fingertips makes that picture perfect version of yourself so much easier to achieve. TADIN Boldo tea is a practical way to incorporate into your day the...
  • Tea Arnica Therbal - 25 bags Tea Arnica Therbal - 25 bags

    Therbal- Arnica Tea x 25 / Té de Arnica x 25

    Uses: Therbal arnica tea is used for homeopathic treatments to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle aches or sore throats. Ingredients: Arnica. How to apply: Add a tea bag for each cup of freshly boiled hot water. Let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes to...