Herbal Tea & Essential Oils

  • Te Cola de Caballo / Tea Shave Grass TADIN 24 - bags_Box_Caja Te Cola de Caballo / Tea Shave Grass TADIN 24 -Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Cola de Caballo / Shave Grass (24 bags)

    Uses: Since prehistoric times it has been a fixed practice of humanity to learn to find valuable resources for our well-being in this beautiful world in which we live. Each TADIN Horsetail tea bag contains the finest selection of this pungent herb that...
  • Tea Bronco (24 bags) Tea Bronco (24 bags)

    Tea Bronco (24 bags)

    Uses: As a faithful friend, you can count on the TADIN Bronco Tea when you're not feeling well. The tender care that distinguishes the eucalyptus leaf and the delicious strokes of the ginger root, together with the taste of the mint leaf, provide a...
  • Semilla de Brasil_Front_Jar Semilla de Brasil_Facts

    Brazil Seed- Semilla de Brasil x 5 g

    Uses: Brazilian seed, is a natural slimming, low weight, low body measurements, reduces cholesterol, reduces triglycerides and the best in a natural way. Cleanses the body, reduces appetite, eliminates accumulated fat, eliminates cellulite, antioxidants,...
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    Aceite de Almendras/Almond Oil Aceite de Almendras/Almond Oil_Facts
    On Sale

    Germa- Aceite de Almendras/ Almond Oil (x 2 oz)

    Was: $8.50
    Now: $6.80
    Uses: Its application is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, its emollient properties, eliminates skin blemishes, reduces wrinkles, serves as a sunscreen, Almond oil has anti-aging properties, reduces stretch marks on the hair, repairs and hydrates it...
  • Germa Spirit of Anis / Espiritu de Anis 0.5 oz

    Germa- Anise Spirit / Espiritu de Anis x 0.5 oz

    Uses: Espiritu de Anis helps with aches and pains, there is a wide range of uses for Espiritu de Anise oil, it can be used both for cooking and to add flavor to medicines. Here are some of its most common uses: Sedative: can help relieve epileptic and...
  • Tea Verde/ Green Tea TADIN_Box_Caja Tea Verde/ Green Tea TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Verde / Green (24 bags)

    Uses: Let your inner light continue to shine bright with every edifying cup of TADIN Green Tea.  A favorite among die-hard tea drinkers, ours is made with the finest green tea leaves found across the world. Elevate your tea-drinking experience with...
  • Te Pinalim GM _Caja_Box Te Pinalim GM _Bag_Bolsa

    Piñalim Tea/ Te de pina (30 bags)

    Uses: Its composition is adequate to help clean and improve intestinal transit, thus reducing inflammation of the belly, improving the absorption of nutrients from food, eliminating free radicals, and giving a feeling of feeling light and general...
  • Te Moringa/ Moringa Tea TADIN_Box_Caja Te Moringa/ Moringa Tea TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Moringa (24 bags)

    Uses: TADIN® Moringa Tea is infused with the virtuous and versatile characteristics of the moringa tree. An unmatched member of the vegetation of planet Earth, where each of its components from the bark, the flowers, the fruit, the seeds to the...
  • Te Jamaica/ Hibiscus Tea Blend TADIN_Box_Caja Te Jamaica/ Hibiscus Tea Blend TADIN_Facts

    Tea Flor de Jamaica / Hibiscus Blend (24 bags)

    Uses: Our hearts are the engines that make our bodies work and need tender and loving care to act with the great vitality that we demand of them. When you simmer TADIN Hibiscus Tea in hot water, you extract the energetic and powerful intensity of the...
  • Te Curcuma/Turmeric Tea Blend TADIN_Box_Caja Te Curcuma/Turmeric Tea Blend TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Curcuma / Turmeric (24 bags)

    Uses: Try these two powerful, flavorful ingredients to help you have a better day. We combine various herbs with turmeric and ginger to create the ideal blend that will strengthen your support system so that you feel full of vigor and energy. The...
  • Te Rinosan/Tea Rinosan TADIN_Box_Caja Te Rinosan/Tea Rinosan TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Rinosan (24 bags)

    Uses: Activate your internal compass with TADIN Riñosán tea.A dynamic bundle of ingredients such as shavegrass, uva-ursi,cuachalalate bark and corn silk make this specialty tea reminiscent of a doting grandmother that comes to the rescue...
  • Te Yerbabuena/Tea Spearmint Herbal TADIN_Box_Caja Te Yerbabuena/Tea Spearmint Herbal TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Yerbabuena / Spearmint (24 bags)

    Uses: Enjoy the joyous qualities of TADIN Peppermint tea made with only the best peppermint leaves available internationally. We invite you to take a tea bag out of its envelope and in a matter of seconds you will be possessed with the wonderful superior...
  • Te Tila/Tea Linden TADIN_Box_Caja Te Tila/Tea Linden TADIN_Bag_Bolsa

    Tea Tila / Linden (24 bags)

    Uses: Like a soft lullaby, the magical experience of tasting Tila TADIN tea fills our lives with serenity and peace of mind. Each day is a test of balance between fulfilling responsibilities and trying to find “me time”, creating an unwanted...
  • Tadin- Tea Seven Blossoms/ Te Siete Azahares x 24 Tadin- Tea Seven Blossoms/ Te Siete Azahares x 24

    Tea Siete Azahares / Seven Blossoms (24 bags)

    Uses: With our most robust line-up of natural ingredients, TADIN’s Seven Blossoms tea features Nature’s bountiful gifts of linden flower, passionflower, and valerian root along with additional wholesome herbs that are their perfect match...