Upset Stomach Relief

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    Antiacido MaxFresh/ Antiacid MaxFresh (100 Sobres)

    Uses: Max Fresh is effective to counteract scares, anger, flatulence and heartburn. Description: We recommend that you do not rely solely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings and instructions before using or consuming a...
  • QG5 Colitis x 30 Tabs QG5 Colitis x 30 Tabs

    QG5 Colitis x 30 Tabs

    Uses: Medication indicated as an auxiliary for the relief of colitis and its symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome . Relieves inflammation, spasms and abdominal pain. Its formula contains ingredients of natural origin. Ingredients: The QG5 formula is...
  • 9 Sal de uvas picot - 12 CT

    9 Pack // Sal de uvas picot - 12 CT

    Uses: Sal de uvas Picot 12 CT is an antacid effervescent powder with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. It is a fast and effective antacid against heartburn, acidity and indigestion. Sal de Uvas Picot antacid powders dissolves quickly in water. Its...
  • Sal inglesa 4 Oz Zapotol Sal inglesa 4 Oz Zapotol

    Zapotol Epson Salt / Sal inglesa 4 oz

    Usos: Los dos ingredientes principales de la sal de Epsom son magnesio y sulfato. Se cree que la combinación de ambos ingredientes estimula las vías de desintoxicación. El magnesio es una sustancia natural que ayuda a una variedad de...
  • Sal Inglesa 80gr Menper Sal Inglesa 80gr Menper_Back

    Menper Epson Salt / Sal Inglesa 80gr

    Uses: Epson Salt acts as a laxative promoting the cleansing of the intestine. In topical use it is used as a bath salt, it relaxes the muscles, reduces inflammation, and helps in good blood circulation. The two main ingredients of Epsom salt are...
  • Suero Coco en Sobres Suero Coco en Sobres

    Suero Coco en Sobres

    Uses: The Ancalmo Coconut Flavor Oral Serum is indicated for the prevention and treatment of dehydration caused by vomiting and moderate diarrhea, whether of infectious origin or not. It is indicated for the oral replacement of electrolytes and fluids...
  • Alka-Seltzer Disp 60 Tab Ca Alka-Seltzer Disp 60 Tab Ca

    Alka-seltzer 60 tabs / tabletas Centroamericano

    Uses: Alka-Seltzer x 60 Analgesic antacid medicine, gives you quick relief from heartburn, indigestion and headaches. Provides complete relief caused by overeating, heaviness and fullness. Alka-Seltzer is an antacid that gently breaks down and dissolves...