6 incredible uses of Dr. Bell's Ointment

6 incredible uses of Dr. Bell's Ointment

Antiacne: If you suffer because you often have acne breakouts, Dr. Bell's Ointment will be your best ally. Just apply a little of this ointment on your pimples or acne marks to eliminate them and without mistreating your skin. 

Good Bye Stains: The main causes of stains on the skin are exposure to the sun without using sunscreen, age, use of tanning beds, among others. Have you tried all kinds of remedies and products to lighten your spots? Spread a little bell ointment on the spots on your skin, do it daily and you will see that in a matter of days you will have eliminated them. 

Quick relief for dry lips: Typical that with the cold, the lips become dry and cracked and although there are several effective balms on the market and various home remedies to hydrate them, none compares with the wonderful effect of the bell ointment. Apply a little on your lips and in less than three days, your lips will be smooth and free of dryness. 

Calm itching / itching: There is no worse itch than that caused by mosquito bites, if you were a victim of these insects, apply a little ointment from the hood on the bites and you will feel the relief immediately. 

Burns: When you're cooking, you get a bit confused and get burned with the pan! The pain can be excruciating, but you can reduce it if you apply a little ointment to the burn.

Clarifies stretch marks in pregnancy: If you are pregnant and want to prevent or eliminate stretch marks caused by pregnancy, bet on Dr Bell's Ointment. Smear it on your skin and you will have your best natural shield against "tiger stripes". 

*Link of facial recipes to make with poma de la campana:

Nov 30th 2020

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