5 facts you didn't know about propolis

5 facts you didn't know about propolis

Have you ever heard about propolis? Don't worry we'll tell you everything there is to know!

Propolis is a substance made by bees to protect their hives, it is composed of resins, flavonoids, waxes, mineral salts, essential oils and among many other compounds. It also contains pollen, organic substances, phenolic acids, terpenic and sesquiterpenic compounds, esters and vitamins.

Propolis has become very talk about lately and it has it reason. Varios medical investigations has come to the same results: Propolis can contribute to people's health since it can act as an antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.

Its main use is to prevent and treat infectious processes of the respiratory tract because relieves flu and colds thanks to its natural antiviral effect, it also protects the vocal cords from infection and damage caused by cold.

Propolis has coloring matters, flavonoids such as galangin, which are the most active in antiseptic function. In addition to this substance, it contains resins and balsams (50%), beeswax (30%), essential oils (10%), pollen and various mineral materials: aluminum, silver, barium, boron, chromium, cobalt, tin, iron and many others. It also contains provitamin A and B vitamins, especially B3.

Faced with flu and colds, remember that antibiotics are contraindicated. "It is preferable to use a natural product with antiviral effect such as propolis, which we can find in any pharmacy" - Dr. Primitivo Ortega -

1. Soothe your throat:

If you suffer from sore throats and constant irritations, propolis can help you thanks to its antiseptic properties, it also prevents cavities and bad breath from appearing. You can consume drops of liquid propolis daily to improve these discomforts.

2. Eliminate fungus on the skin:

Great alternative to treat mycosis and fungi on the skin. And it will be of great relief for those people who for some reason have been lying down for a long time and get ulcerations or sores.

3. Say goodbye to parasites:

Its antiparasitic properties are the most remarkable. This is because when consumed it reaches the whole organism. It differs from the rest of the dewormers since they only reach the digestive tract. It influences parasites because it induces oxidation phosphorylation, which is what causes them to die and be expelled.

4. Relieves burns

Having any type of wound on the body is something to pay attention to and burns are sometimes the most difficult to heal. Propolis is an alternative that you can choose for its healing properties. A cream or a vegetable soap with propolis will perfectly help to heal burns. Remember to consult a specialist doctor before applying any product on your skin.

5.Strengthens the liver

The second or third liver disease in the world occurs in this organ. After different studies it has been determined that propolis considerably reduces problems in fatty liver. This is due to its inhibitory properties that allow it to act as a cytoprotector.

Nov 30th 2020

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